Thursday, March 29, 2012

Handmade Coptic Sketchbook

Yay! I'm a little late posting, but I made my new sketchbook.  Just in time for New York!  I used what I remembered from our bookmaking class at One Strange Bird and a youtube tutorial.  Once I get better at it, I'll share the steps with you!

Here is the book un-bound.  I used cheap chip board covered with handmade brown paper and pretty rice paper that I got at the art store for the end papers.  The inside pages are watercolor paper, sketch paper, kraft paper, and fun surprises of left over rice papers. I already started using it and I am really excited! The watercolor paper is great for paints. 

I used hemp that I coated with beeswax for the thread.  It was a little bit too thick and made it difficult to get through the signatures.  There is blood here and there in the book and I broke two needles...sheesh.   Good thing it is just mine.  When I was finished, I printed my hand cut lino-stamp on the front, in hot pink of course! 

Here's one of the surprise pages! 

My favorite part of handmade books are their deckled edges!  

Before and After!  

Thanks for reading, we are off to New York for much needed vacation and inspiration on Tuesday!

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