Friday, March 23, 2012

Handmade Lino cut stamps

This week has been strangely productive, as I tend to always be more energized in the spring.  It is so pretty here and everything is blooming!  It is no wonder that I've been drawing plants and birds in my sketchbooks.  I have been teaching lino cut stamp and print classes at my store One Strange Bird, so I've been practicing a lot as an excuse to make my own.  

If you are interested, it is pretty easy and really addictive!  All you need is soft lino, a cutting tool handle and a couple of different tips, and imagination.  I like to cut them kind of small so they can be stamped into my sketchbooks or on little boxes and such.  I think of these more as stamps.  I also make larger versions that are more "art prints".  

Here is my little sprout that I inked with a duel color ink pad from the art store in stamped in my March sketchbook.  

I also made this little birdie.  This was my attempt at making something really normal looking, but it still turned out a little strange.  Maybe because of his giant eye?

That's it for now, Happy Spring!  

I hope you are smiling,

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