Monday, March 19, 2012

Sketchbook Update.

Here is my March sketchbook. It is almost full and I'm working on making a new hand bound book with the skills I learned from the lovely Nicolette Ross who has been teaching sold out coptic stitch classes at One Strange Bird.  I have been gathering a bunch of papers for this book because I like the look of all the colors, but also because I feel like I am always on the search for the perfect paper.  These little Moleskine's are handy and light, but the papers are not so great for wet media because they are super thin.  Below is a sampling of some silly meanderings in March.  My goal has been to work in it almost everyday and to involve more play in the work.  Also to care less about making perfect drawings and just try to get down some details of my life.  

I made this doing an image transfer with AD blender markers.  It is so easy!  All you have to do is have a print out made from a copy machine (your regular printer won't work for this), place the image face down on your surface, and soak the back with the blender marker.  I used a combination of images, one of which is an Egon Schiele drawing and then worked back into them with my Micron pens.  

I also started to experiment with some threads I had in my bag (more on this later)

This little guy at the top got turned into my first wheat paste of the new season.  Here is the full version but I didn't get a pic of the paste up because my phone died.  Grrrrr

Nothing gets the work going like new supplies.  I have been broke for so long, this paycheck was like a godsend, so I decided to treat my self to some new markers, water colors, and a new transportable water color palette.  Since I am constantly between my store and home, this is crucial.  It also may come with us to New York in a couple of weeks! 

I also got this book to help prep with a class I'm doing at One Strange Bird.  It is a sketchbook workshop and I am so excited to teach it.  I hope lots of people sign up!  It has nice tips and a lot of picture, which I love. 

That's it for now!  

Go make stuff,

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