Monday, May 16, 2011

Department of Beautification Report #3

Hello, Everyone.  Sorry it has been sometime since my last update.  The giveaway was such fun.  My awesome artist friend Mathew Paul Jinks won a small painting.  I will post pics of it in his new home as soon as he returns my calls.  Ha!  

I have been really busy with the craft side of my practice making stuff for my two Etsy shops.  (There are links to them on the left-hand side of the blog.)  I have also been crafting with my girls Amanda Baker (super talented an all-around amazing person) and my sister, Madeline and fake sister, Allie Corwin.  Madeline moved back to St. Louis for the summer, so I am sadddddfaced. :(

Below you will see the most recent of street pieces I made.  I realized Mod Podge has subversive potential.  You can see below some lady heads in Wicker Park....

She is in good company with my good friend Hebru Brantley.

This next piece is on Milwaukee Ave. and is a "time based" work, in that I have been adding birds to her head over a span of about four weeks.  She now has four birds on her head.  I have to photograph the other two still, as we went out at night last time. 

Bird #1

Context: Street art in wicker park

Two birds up on her head

That's all for now!  Enjoy the sun, beautiful people.

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